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Medication Distribution in Niagara Falls Through DISPILL

We use the DISPILL system to help with medication distribution in Niagara Falls for our patients. DISPILL is a safe, simple, and convenient system offered to anyone who must take one or more medications – no more worrying about multiple bottles! This system helps to ensure that you are taking your medications on time and every day by placing an individual’s medications into daily slots of morning, lunch, dinner, and bedtime. One of the advantages of this system is that all of your medications are placed in the correct spot and a list of the medications is printed on the package to ensure that you are aware of which ones you are taking and when.

If you or a loved one ever forget to take medications, please let us help. With DISPILL, you will never miss a tablet again. This revolutionary system is free of charge for most patients, so please call the pharmacy today to see if you qualify.

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